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General Information

Redbird Guided Independent Flight Training (GIFT) is a simulator-based, AI-powered, maneuvers training supplement designed to help your customers learn, practice, and get feedback on every maneuver required for a Private Pilot Certificate or Instrument Rating.

Each GIFT lesson focuses on a specific flight maneuver or skill required for a Private Pilot Certificate or Instrument Rating and includes:

  • A video and written pre-flight briefing
  • A simulator mission with an AI-powered flight instructor that provides real-time coaching and corrections on your performance
  • A post-flight debrief with objective scoring based on the FAA Airmen Certification Standards
  • In-depth post-flight review and trend tracking by uploading your lesson history to the Redbird Cloud

It is recommended that the CFI accompany their student on their first several GIFT missions (both Private and Instrument) until the student has demonstrated the ability to:

  • Maintain straight and level flight
  • Return to straight and level flight from a shallow bank, climb, or descent

CFIs are encouraged to keep track of student performance scores via each student’s online GIFT account. This allows CFIs the ability to identify a student’s deficiencies and provide extra instruction and practice.

GIFT is currently available for Private Pilot and Instrument Training. Each customer needs to purchase (from Redbird or directly from a flight school) a license for each course they need. You can contact Redbird sales to get more information about selling GIFT licenses at your flight school.


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